When it’s Time to Skip the DIY and Call a Pro for Your Appliance Repair Service

There is an expression, “Jack of all trades, master of none”. This could not be truer than with home appliance repair. Some jobs can be performed with a little basic knowledge and a YouTube video, but correctly repairing an appliance is typically not one of them. Here are a few instances where you may be able to resolve an issue in a do-it-yourself fashion, and examples of when you really should call an appliance repair service.

Your Fridge is Making Noise

Before calling an appliance repair service, there are few things you can try first. Make sure your freezer vent is clear; your freezer should not be more than three quarters full. If this vent is being blocked, air cannot circulate and the fridge may be working too hard to keep the air cool. Another area that you can check is your coils. Usually located at the front of your fridge (they could also be at the back) behind a grill or cover. Simply remove the grill and vacuum away any dust and debris that may have accumulated there.

If your fridge is still making noise, or if it isn’t cooling at all, the repair is best left to a professional. An appliance repair service will have skilled professionals trained to repair your specific brand of appliance. Their work is generally guaranteed, so you can have peace of mind that the problem has been taken care of once and for all.

Your Dryer is Taking Multiple Cycles to Dry

The potentially simplest solution to this problem is ensuring that your lint trap has been cleared of built up dust. Lint should be removed from the screen after each load, and at least once a year, the screen should be washed, and the lint trap thoroughly vacuumed. This is not only important to ensure that your dryer works properly, but a build-up of lint in your dryer trap is also a fire hazard.

If your lint trap is clean and your dryer is functioning well, a trick you can use to cut down on drying time is to put a clean, dry towel in with your load. This will help to reduce your drying time, saving wear on your machine and cost on your electricity bill.

Dryers are high voltage appliances and working with them can be dangerous if you don’t have the proper skills and qualifications. Dryer repairs should be left to an appliance repair service professional, both to ensure your safety and to protect your machine.