Not Sure Whether You Need Washer Repair? Read This!

When you have a household with a family, you know just how much work your washer does. Think back to your days as a student or a single renter and your tedious trips to the laundromat. Imagine having to do this this with all of your family’s laundry? That is why it is essential to have a working washer in your home.

Finding out that your washing machine is not working when you go to put on a load can be panic inducing. You may not have many clean clothes left, or perhaps your kid needs a uniform or particular outfit over the coming days. Is it broken? It might be, and in that case you will need washer repair. Here are some tips to help you figure out if this is the case.

Is Your House’s Wiring and Plumbing Okay?

Sometimes you may not need washer repair because your washing machine is not broken. Check the wiring in your home and particularly the outlet that your washer is connected to. Try plugging something else into it to see if that works, as it could simply be a breaker that you need to reset.

Alternatively, you should check the plumbing in your home and check that the water is running from the faucets. If the water in your area has been turned off for some reason, then this is likely why your washer isn’t working.

Call for Washer Repair

If your plumbing and electricity supply seems fine, but your washer still isn’t working, then you should probably call us for washer repair. At Finesse Appliance Service we are on hand to call out to you whenever you need washer repair in the Lower Mainland.

We understand how important a washing machine is in your household, and we service all of the major brands, such as Maytag, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, and more. We also offer emergency, same-day repair when available, and our friendly and professional technicians will give you plenty of advice on how to extend the life of your appliance.

We are experienced in all areas of appliance repair and we will be able to diagnose and hopefully fix your issue, or offer up advice on what you need to do going forward, such as purchase a new machine.

Don’t panic when your washing machine won’t turn on; follow our steps and if you need to, call us for washer repair.