Don’t Buy a New Dryer Until You Read This

Having a dryer in your home offers up a whole host of benefits. Living in the Pacific Northwest means lots of rain. On one hand, it means we are surrounded by beautiful lush and green forests. On the other hand, there are not a lot of opportunities for drying clothes outside. However, we don’t want to sacrifice our beloved hikes and luckily, we don’t need to, thanks to the dryer.

Like all appliances, dryers sometimes break down. Sometimes people jump to conclusions and think that they need to replace it straight away.

We are here to tell you that if your dryer does breakdown, you should not start shopping around for a new dryer. Instead, you should call us at Finesse Appliance Service for dryer repair.

It May Be Under Warranty

If your dryer isn’t very old, it may still be under warranty. This means that, depending on the type, or the cause of damage, you may not have to pay for a repair. It is always worth investigating this before buying a new dryer.

We Can Fix It

Even if your dryer is not under warranty, at Finesse Appliance Service, we will do everything we can to carry out dryer repair at an affordable price. We have an extremely talented team that has worked with many brands of dryers and will we happily come out and evaluate yours to come up with a solution for dryer repair.

Eco Friendly

Dryer repair is an eco friendly solution to a broken dryer. Replacing it means that your old one will need to be disposed of, and while parts of it will be recycled, it will still contribute in some ways to landfills and environmental damage. With dryer repair you can avoid this.

So, if you go to dry your laundry one day and find that your dryer is not cooperating, don’t immediately think that it needs to be replaced. Dryer repair is an effective way to save money, be environmentally friendly, and help you get through your household chores.